Crypto Solutions

Get access to the quickest and most efficient crypto solutions for just 0.8%

How does it work?

Collect deposits in Bitcoin and settle in Local Currencies

Free API Integration

Simple and efficient API integration directly for your business

Crypto Solutions

LegionPay is a crypto payment gateway harnessing TripleA technology, and we offer bitcoin deposit solutions to everyone! With over 150 million active bitcoin users globally, we provide you the ability to offer your customers the opportunity to purchase goods and services with bitcoin instead of traditional FIAT currencies

E-commerce Payments

  • Convert your crypto to local currencies in real time
  • Super stable and secure merchant dashboard
  • Irreversible payments with no chargebacks

High Risk Merchants

  • Receive bitcoin deposits from your traders or players
  • Settle to them in local currencies
  • Use our currency exchange services in real time

Crypto Invoice Payments

  • Request bitcoin from your customers by invoice
  • Easy and quick invoice management and payments
  • No registration, accept crypto with just one link

Open Account

How does it work?

Accept bitcoin payments directly to your own wallet, access and manage your account 24/7, and have full control over your business. Exchange to local currencies in real time and payout your customers to their bank accounts.

Set up your Account for Free

  • Simple and easy API integration
  • Stable and secure dashboard
  • Access your account 24/7

Receive Bitcoin for Just a 0.8% fee

  • Collect bitcoin deposits quickly and easily
  • Set limits on deposit and withdrawal amounts
  • Receive bitcoin from over 150 million crypto users

Currency Conversion and Exchange

  • Exchange and convert your bitcoin to FIAT
  • Make settlements to your customers in local currencies
  • Keep full control of your funds and manage your customers

Increase Your Revenue

  • Grow your profits by allowing bitcoin deposits
  • Collect and make payments rapidly from your account
  • Receive funds directly to your bank account or digital wallet

Free and Simple API Integration

Our mission is to build a crypto ecosystem and not-over charge for services, so we provide all set up and integration for free. With our user-friendly and simple integration guide, anyone can get set up and start receiving bitcoin within hours


Accept Bitcoin in Many Ways

  • External URL Payment Form
  • Embedded Payment Form
  • Content Management System
  • Custom Integration Available

Available Plugins

  • Integrate with WooCommerce
  • Connect with OpenCart CMS
  • Link with your Shopify account
  • Custom plugins available

Fair Procedures

  • Instant deposit confirmation
  • Real time conversions
  • Short payment topups
  • Secure and simple dashboard

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